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Make this graduation year memorable

Make this year truly special With a luxurious Grad Cruise!

High school is coming to an end and so is a big chapter of your life. A year end grad cruise or after grad cruise is the perfect way to make memories with your friends as you all celebrate graduation! What better way to celebrate your graduation with a huge party at sea! Sail with all your friends on board the luxurious Pride of Vancouver grad cruise, and party the night away on the young adult friendly ship in the comfort and safety of a private environment. The after grad cruise is a great way to host a dry grad or after grad party. The grad cruise includes an evening of fine dining, dancing and spectacular, ever-changing waterfront views. During this memorable 3 hour grad cruise, you and your high school friends will delight in our gourmet buffet prepared to perfection by our skilled chef. Dance the night away while cruising Canada’s most scenic waterfront.

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