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Hire a wedding planner for a stress free wedding

Planning a wedding is fun, but it can also be hard. Most brides have busy lives and have no time to search for the best prices, perfect venues or quality products for their wedding. Many end up simply booking the first vendor they find, without knowing if they are receiving the best value. But even so, most newly engaged brides say they wouldn’t consider a wedding planner, usually because of the cost. Though it is a common misconception that these services will drain your budget, hiring a professional is a decision that can save you time, stress and money when planning your big day!

Here are some things to consider when deciding whether or not you will hire a wedding planner:

  1. Most have a long list of vendors that will provide them with discounted pricing on items such as chair covers, sashes, table overlays, centerpieces, guest favours, wedding cakes, florists, DJ’s, photographers, commissioners and more.
  2. A wedding planner will ensure the bride and groom know they are getting quality vendors.
  3. They will coordinate everyone on the day of the wedding, pay all vendors and take care of last minute details so the bride and groom can enjoy every moment of their special day.
  4. Most importantly, a wedding planner will make sure the bride and groom stay on course with the budget. It’s easy to get swept up in planning, so having a neutral third party facilitating the money and staying on top of pennies spent is a huge relief for most couples.

If you are a bride or groom, be sure to understand the cost vs. benefit of hiring a wedding planner before assuming these services are reserved for those with lots of spare cash. Wedding planners are down to earth, practical professionals, interested in guiding you along the often rocky soil of wedding planning, and they may just save you a few bucks along the way!